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Tahweel Al Rajhi Partners with MoneyGram

Tahweel Al Rajhi – Saudi Arabia’s largest remittance service provider has joined hands with MoneyGram – world’s second largest money transfer company based out of USA.

This tie-up will help Tahweel Al Rajhi’s customers to reliably send and receive money around the globe through MoneyGram’s network that includes well-known retailers and businesses in over 200 countries and territories. MoneyGram has over 400,000 agents globally.

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How to send money from a Thaweel Al Rajhi Centre?

  • Find a Tahweel Al Rajhi Centre near you
  • If you do not have membership of Tahweel Al Rajhi then carry the following documents to register –
    • your valid residence ID (Iqama) copy.
    • Letter from your employer
  • Next, complete the registrations form, adding the new beneficiary details – name, bank account number, IBAN number.
  • Select MoneyGram as the service you wish to use during filling the form.

How to send money from a Thaweel Al Rajhi / Al Rajhi Bank ATM?

  • To send money from AL Rajhi/Tahweel AL Rajhi ATM or KIOSK you should have valid ARB Debit card or Prepaid card .
  • Visit any AL Rajhi/Tahweel AL Rajhi ATM or KIOSK , enter the card with ease after than select the transfer and then instant international Transfer to proceed.
  • Next, select the Money gram beneficiary that you want to transfer , select the currency enter the amount and check the details before to proceed.
  • After confirm the transaction you will get the secret Number on your registered mobile number , provide your secret Number with Photo ID to your bank and you will get the remitted amount.

How to send money from a Tahweel Al Rajhi App?

  • If you are not registered to our Tahweel App , registered now by downloading Tahweel App.
  • Login to App select Click Transfer ,Choose transfer type to view the type of beneficiaries.
  • Select Instant cash from menu to choose your beneficiary.
  • Next, choose your Money Gram Beneficiary from list and then click Next to enter the amount that you want to transfer and to view Fees related.
  • Select the transfer reason from drop down list and click next to execute the payment.
  • You will get secret Number by SMS , provide your secret Number with Photo ID to your bank to get the remitted amount , or you will get Money gram will deposit in to your account if the transaction pertain to account credit transaction.

Note: Money gram beneficiary can be added through Tahweel App ​​​